Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center 2 System

Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center 2 System

SKU: 045

Home gateway to communicate with an entire home Z-Wave network and external servers.

  • Remote access via web page or mobile phone
  • Simple, friendly user interface with easy configuration
  • Broadband (DSL and Cable) and Ethernet connections
  • Geo localization and SMS notification
  • High-speed operation with Ultra low-energy consumption
  • Advanced backup and recovery system
  • Includes a European (Schuko) power supply - UK customers can select a free UK style power lead



Unlock the true potential of your smart home with the Fibaro Home Center 2. Able to support up to 230 unique Z-Wave devices, the Home Center 2 gives you endless options and combinations to create your ideal smart home setup. Monitor and manage all aspects of your home through your smart phone or computer, whether you’re in bed or half-way across the world. This gateway controller has an intuitive interface that allows for fast and easy configuration. For advanced users, there is even the possibility of writing scripts in LUA for further customization.


With Home Center 2, schedule scenes for your day-to-day convenience: turn on the porch lights at the same hour every evening, or dim the lights in the baby’s room as soon as the sun sets. Design your own heating/cooling schedule to fit the season while saving big on electrical and gas bills. Create events to have your Z-Wave devices work together to give you a safer, smarter home. Trigger an alarm siren when your Z-Wave motion sensor detects unexpected movement. Instantly turn off the AC when you open a window affixed with a Z-Wave door/window sensor. Use geofencing to set up automation and security rules with

added accuracy and convenience as well as easily locate your family members from your phone.


The Home Center 2 is high-speed and consumes little energy. And with an advanced backup and recovery system, know this is a smart controller you can safely depend on.