Fibaro - Smoke sensor

Fibaro - Smoke sensor

SKU: 042

- Smoke and temperature sensor

- Audible and LED alarm

- Tamper detection

- Wireless integration with alarm systems

- Remote control over the Internet using a PC, mobile phone or tablet

- Power input: CR123A batteries 

- Wireless Z-Wave standard: 868.42 MHz

- Measurable temperature range: -20 °C to 100 °C

- Measurement precision: 0.5 °C

- Dimensions: 65 mm x 28 mm


Fibaro Smoke Sensor is a unique wireless smoke detector and fire alarm which not only protects the safety of your home and family, but thanks to its modern design and quality materials makes an eye-pleasing addition to your interior.

Unique design and construction

Modern design and high-quality construction have become synonymous with all Fibaro products. The Fibaro smoke detector with polished metal grille, minimalistic and modern design, and multi-colour RGB LED light perfectly fits any modern interior.


Fire detection

The Fibaro smoke detector can detect fires in various ways: Smoke and temperature sensor. The metal grille allows for easier and more sensitive smoke detection with adjustable sensitivity. The fire alarm activates with sudden temperature changes, or when a preset temperature has been reached.


Many usage scenarios

The Fibaro smoke detector can be used with Z-Wave wireless home automation systems. The Fibaro smoke sensor is powered from battery. It can be connected to an alarm system either wirelessly in combination with the Z-Wave technology.


Colour LED light

The sensor is equipped with a multi-colour RGB LED light that can be put to various uses - e.g. to signal the Z-Wave signal level, etc.

Tamper prevention

The sensor has a built-in tamper prevention function. Any tampering with the device will trigger an acoustic signal, and a notification will be sent via e-mail or SMS.

Z-Wave wireless signal range tester

The Fibaro smoke sensor is a wireless device which communicates with other devices in your home wirelessly over the Z-Wave network. When installing a device, it is therefore important to know the level of the Z-Wave signal in a particular location. Using its multi-colour LED indicators, the Fibaro sensor will immediately tell you whether the signal level is sufficient or needs to be improved.

Automatic firmware upgrade

The Fibaro smoke sensor can automatically upgrade its firmware to ensure the latest functionality and that all features are available.