Fibaro - Heat controller

Fibaro - Heat controller

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-To be installed on three types of valves: M30 x 1.5, Danfoss RTD-N and Danfoss RA-N

- Built-in battery recharged through standard micro-USB port

- Easy installation with no tools required

- Can be used with an external Temperature Sensor

- Supports heating schedules

- Automatic calibration

- Anti-freeze and decalc function

- Uncostrained rotation knob to set desired temperature

- Free Fibaro App allows you to control your heating from anywhere

- Features S2 security



The Heat Controller. The most intelligent thermostat, ever.

Fibaro Heat Controller is a remotely controlled thermostatic head to control temperature in your room. It measures the temperature and automatically adjust the heat level. This intelligent thermostatic head allows you to control the temperature in the room manually or remotely - you can set temperature using app (10-30°C) or directly on the device (16-24°C), using the in-built or external sensor and regulating the heat level automatically, according to your individual preferences. Every time the temperature increases, the illuminated ring around the head changes its colour. The device automatically adjusts the heating intensity to the existing conditions among others thanks to the temperature sensor it is equipped with. It can be mounted without tools on three types of thermostatic radiator valves. You can create schedules via Fibaro app to easily manage temperature troughout the week.

The Fibaro Heat Controller also offers a convenient holiday mode. It's an option allowing you to quickly adjust the heating within a period of a longer absence, which allows you to control the system from any place in the world. Moreover, there are plans to implement functionality, that allows a signal to be sent to your mobile device in case of any disturbing changes - for example if the temperature of the fluid in the radiators drops significantly, which may be caused by a failure of the heating system.

NOTE: Recommended for horizontal mounting only, unless used with the optional temperature sensor!

Fibaro Temperature Sensor (sold separately) is an external, wireless temperature sensor. By placing it anywhere you like, you will ensure the perfect temperature where you are. It can serve as a point of reference for up to three thermostatic heads at once.


Endless possibilities

Fibaro decentralizes the heating process! Instead of a single controlling device, it offers intelligent thermostatic heads cooperating with one another, which you can install in any number of radiators.

No other controller offers such level of heating comfort and such an array of possibilities.


Innovative, colour-coded control

The LED illuminating ring lights up once you place your hand near it, to show the colour corresponding to the current temperature. Thanks to that, you will be able to evaluate the situation immediately and intuitively set the perfect temperature.